Demiller Farms

Mr. Yinka Omogoye, the M.D. of Demiller Farms, whose upbringing can be described as a literal definition of "Survival of the Fittest", spent his childhood in a village extension of Kawo, Kaduna state. He also lived in Minna, Niger State where he spent part of his youthful years.

His life experiences gave him first-hand knowledge of farming in these terrains, understood the soil quality and the land mass designed for this occupation which later became a passion.

His passion grew more significantly when he realized the economic scale of farming in Nigeria. As a young man with the dream of many young Nigerians, he relocated to Lagos State, Nigeria, and understood the business model for farming from the urban perspective.

Demiller farms is an agricultural company that specializes majorly in farming. For over ten years, Demiller Farms has been operating in this economic sector of Nigeria. We started at Guvatin Village in Niger State and have expanded to farms encompassing over four thousand acres of land spread across Niger, Kaduna, and Kwara States.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to farm, process our farm produce to create healthy and affordable snacks from our farm produce and present it on all snack shelves in Africa.

Vision Statement

Our vision is make food affordable to all Africans because man deserves to eat