Employment Opportunities

Demiller Farms provide value-adding initiatives, aiming to develop technical skills in a professional setting relating to your field of study, meeting and engaging with skilled mentors, and inspiring you to take on real-world problems.

Graduate Internship

We have designed this program for those who just graduated from the higher institution or those taking their National Youth Service Corps for an internship role.

Requirements: Must have finished higher institution, NYSC call-up letter, notification of result, curriculum-vitae(CV)

Undergraduate Internship

We have targeted this program toward students who are still undergoing their tertiary institution program toward the attainment of a degree in their field of study.

Requirements: must still be studying at a higher institution, letter of internship/SIWES letter, curriculum vitae (CV)

Entry level

Entry-level jobs for graduates who are just starting their careers.

Requirements: curriculum-vitae (CV), NYSC certificate.

Experienced professionals

Hiring individuals with professional experience.

Requirements: curriculum-vitae (CV), NYSC certificate, professional certificates.