Our culture is one with
emphasis on empowerment,
innovation and sustainability

Mission Statement

Our mission is to farm, process our farm produce to create healthy and affordable snacks and present it on all snack shelves in Africa.

Vision Statement

Our vision is make food affordable to all Africans because man deserves to eat

Demiller Farms began in 2019 as a humble farming operation located in Guvatin Village in Niger State.

Our very first product- The famous Classic Peanut was born!

We have since expanded to farms encompassing over four thousand acres of land spread across Niger, Kaduna and Kwara State.

At the core, We are an agricultural company that specilizing in farming, snacks manufacturing distribution of farm produce.

We are committed to farming a wide variety of produce which are further processed into healthy and great tasting snacks for consumers of all ages.

Meet the Team

All of our products are grown, processed, and packaged locally, empowering our neighborhood and fostering the success of a new, independent generation.

Our professional staff members thoroughly inspect each bag and its contents, and as a result, we have been granted operating authorization by all relevant industry regulatory agencies.